Research Opportunities in Blumer Lab at Morehouse College

Director:Lawrence Blumer

Research Coordinator: Ms. Lea Brooks

Room 301 Hope Hall

Telephone: 404 681-2800 x2484



We are committed to providing undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research in ecology, environmental studies, evolutionary biology and behavioral neuroscience. Typically we have 4-6 students working with us during the academic year and 2-4 during the summer. When funds are available, we provide a modest monthly stipend during the time students are conducting their research project. The alumni of our laboratory include students currently in graduate and professional schools, high school biology teachers, medical researchers, public health workers, physicians and dentists.

In past years, students have conducted studies on a wide variety of subjects, both in the laboratory and in the field. Student research projects have included studies on environmental pollution, water quality, microbiology, animal behavior, physiological ecology, plant-soil relations, solar energy, and environmental economics.

Community Service is an important part of the development of leadership skills at Morehouse College. Our students are regularly involved in community garden work days, work with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Hands-On-Atlanta.

Students may join our laboratory at any time (if there is room) but the ideal time is at the beginning of an academic year. If you are interested in conducting research with us should contact Dr. Blumer or Ms. Brooks in August or September to begin projects in the Autumn semester. Students are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week on their research projects.

Each student is required to attend weekly group meeting with Dr. Blumer to discuss their progress. At the end of the academic year, each student prepares a poster for the FE Mapp Research Symposium and a 10 minute PowerPoint seminar presentation.


For additional information about this program please contact:

Dr. Lawrence Blumer

Department of Biology, Morehouse College

Room 302 Hope Hall, Telephone (404) 658-1142.

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