Morehouse College

Paper Recycling Program


How can you help recycle paper on campus?

At your desk or in your office:

You should have a recycling basket at your desk (blue or white) to sort recyclable materials from other waste. Recycling baskets do not get plastic bag liners.

You are responsible for emptying your small recycling basket in the blue 28 gallon can (tall can) located in the hall on your floor. All containers to be used for paper recycling are clearly marked for "Paper Only".

In the hallway, every blue 28 gallon recycling can is paired with a gray 28 gallon trash bin.

Custodians are only responsible for the trash cans in offices (gray or black) and will not empty your desk-side recycling basket.

What is the role of the building custodians?

Custodians are responsible for emptying the 28 gallon recycling cans located in the hallways in a wheeled 95 gallon can (blue or green mini-dumpster) outside each building.

What is the role of Physical Plant staff?

Physical Plant personnel are responsible for moving the wheeled 95 gallon cans to the steel recycling dumpsters at central collection sites and back to each building.

What happens to the recycled material, is it really recycled?

VISY Recycling of Conyers, Georgia is our paper recycling contractor. VISY collects mixed paper and paper board and reprocesses it to make corregated cardboard. The materials you recycle are really reused. This helps the environment and saves money for Morehouse College.


Questions, concerns, complaints, or requests?

Contact Morehouse College Physical Plant at x2664


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Last Updated: 11/08/2003