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Updated: May 26, 2004

Compton Mentor Fellowships

Rising seniors, what are you planning to do after graduation in 2005?

The Compton Mentor Fellowship is an opportunity to pursue an environmental, social justice, or community activism project for a full year, anywhere in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Congratulations to Elijah Edwards (sociology) class of 2004 who received a $35,000 fellowship to increase the participation of young African American men in local community organizations in Chicago.

Learn more about the Compton Mentor Fellowships

US EPA Research Internships

Internships for the summer and for a full year are available at laboratories of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Summer research internships are available to undergraduates and full year internships are available to recent graduates. Contact Dr. Blumer for more information.

Stacy Andrew Pinkney (biology) is currently a working as a summer research intern at the US EPA.

Morehouse College Becomes a Green Power Generator

On April 22, 2004, a 100w solar panel was connected to the electrical grid on the roof of the Technology Tower (between Hope and Merrill Halls) and Morehouse became an electric power generator. We are generating 24v DC current which is converted to 115v AC current and fed to the electrical grid. This electricity is produced without pollution.

Our solar power experiment will permit students in the Morehouse College Green Project to evaluate the efficiency of a solar panel at different fixed angles and estimate the economic feasibility of a more extensive solar installation.

Visit our Solar Power Web Site to see photographs of this installation and updates on the results of our study.


Morehouse College is a Signatory of the Talloires Declaration

The Talloires Declaration is a statement and commitment to action by college and university leaders worldwide to address the serious environmental challenges that we face today locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Walter Massey agreed to commit Morehouse College to this declaration and its goals which are part of the purpose of our Environmental Studies Program.

Morehouse is the only Atlanta University Center college to make this commitment and one of only 86 US college and universities to take this leadership.

Click on this link to learn more about the Talloires Declaration

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