Environmental Studies

Degree Requirements
Minor in Environmental Studies
A total of 15 semester hours are required for a minor in Environmental Studies. Academic minors are not required at Morehouse College, but an academic minor is a way to broaden your credentials and demonstrate proficiency in areas other than your academic major. The minor in Environmental Studies is open to students majoring in any academic area. It is not limited to science and mathematics majors. There is only one required course, Environmental Biology (HBIO 497). This course is typically taken in the Senior year (prerequisite is one semester of college biology). The remaining 12 credit hours are elective courses which must be distributed in the following manner:

At least 6 credit hours must be in 300 or 400 level courses.

No more than 6 credits of elective courses may be taken in any one of the following three academic areas:

Natural Sciences

Business and Economics

Humanities and Social Sciences

Elective credit for off-campus programs at biological field stations or environmental study abroad programs may be arranged with permission of the program director.

Suggested Course Sequence

Generally, the required course, Environmental Biology (HBIO 497), is taken in the senior year and elective courses approved for the Environmental Studies minor are taken where they fit the individual student's schedule.

Note that three of the environmental studies elective courses in the Humanities and Social Science Division (listed at the link above) also satisfy core curriculum requirements (indicated by the notation CCR).

Each student should develop an individualized course sequence for the Environmental Studies minor in consultation with the program director.

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