Environmental Studies

Program Director: Lawrence Blumer

Office: John Hope Hall, Room 302

Telephone: (404) 658-1142

E-mail: lblumer@morehouse.edu

Purpose of Program

The purpose of the Environmental Studies minor is to provide students with an understanding of the multidimensional nature of environmental problems. This academic minor presents students, who may major in any academic subject, with the opportunity to gain knowledge of and sensitivity to the scientific, social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of the human-environment interaction. We pay particular attention to the human-environment interactions that disproportionately impact African-American communities. The scale of human-environment interactions ranges from local community to the national and international scale. For this reason, the Environmental Studies minor includes community service activities involving students and faculty. The ultimate purpose of this program is to foster understanding of the causes for current environmental problems (including our personal roles in causing these problems), and to empower students to change their own behavior and take leadership roles in addressing environmental issues.

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