2011 Compton Mentor Fellowships


The Compton Mentor Fellowship is a $26,000-$30,000 one-year grant for graduating seniors to "work and study" with a mentor of the student's choice anywhere in the world. The subjects of proposals should involve social activism and community service on subjects related to climate change, energy policy, environmental degradation, rapid population growth, economic opportunity and justice, or fostering peace and human rights (or a combination of these subjects and related environmental issues). An overview of the Compton Mentor Fellowship program can be downloaded at this link or by visiting the Compton Mentor Fellowship website at: www.comptonmentorfellowship.org.

Early preparation of a proposal is essential. Each student must identify and communicate with a potential mentor prior to submitting an application. A description of the role of mentors can be downloaded at this link and you may provide this document to your proposed mentor. See the suggested application preparation schedule for a guide to proposal development. Dr. Blumer, lblumer@morehouse.edu (Hope Hall, 302) can assist you by reviewing proposal drafts. See Creating Strong Applications for tips on preparing your fellowship application.

Morehouse is one of only seven colleges and universities that have been invited to nominate two students each year (as many as 6 fellowships may be awarded in 2011). This is an exceptional opportunity (akin to the Watson, Marshall, and Rhodes fellowships). Proposals are only submitted to the Compton Foundation via the Morehouse College nomination committee. The submission deadline is Monday, January 3, 2011 to Dr. Blumer: lblumer@morehouse.edu.

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