Learning & Memory

Learning & Memory-Lecture
This course is an empirical and theoretical examination of the processes of learning and memory. Although most of the research findings will come from animal experiments, the relevance of these findings and concepts to understanding human behavior will be discussed. The main objective of this course is to emphasize the development of ideas and familiarize the student with the "jargon" of learning and memory theory. Students will also be introduced to artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Learning & Memory-Laboratory
Students will study such behaviors as classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, operant conditioning, habituation, verbal learning and memory. A variety of live and computer simulated organism will be used as test subjects. Students will work with planarian, worms, insects, fish and rats. They will also study learning and memory in humans (their classmates).

Course Objectives
The primary objective is to enhance the students' laboratory, and observational skills.

The second major objective is to improve the students' research design, problem solving and analytical skills.

The third major objective is strengthen the students' ability to work "smart" and efficiently in a group setting.