Duane Myron Jackson
Department of Psychology
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 Duane Jackson, PhD

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Insect Behavior

Papers Presented at National and International Conferences

Jackson, D.M. “Who was Charles Turner” Present at the Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting, Bloomington, IN July 2002.

Onifade, E., Allen, C. & Jackson, D. “Recency and Primacy Effects on Accounting Students' Learning. Presented at American Academy of Accounting and Finance Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA December 2001.

Jackson, D., “Scientific and Folk Ideas About Heredity” Presented at the Information Conference on the Human Genome Project, Atlanta GA July 2001.

Jackson, D., “Charles Turner: The Forgotten Animal Behaviorist”. Presented at the Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA August 2000.

Jackson, D., “Dung Beetles; Their Evolution and Dependence on Elephants.” Presented at the Fourth International Elephant Research Symposium, Atlanta, GA June 1999.

Jackson, D. “Trying to Get Zebra Longwing and Julia Butterflies in the Same Exhibit To just Get Along.” Presented At the Invertebrates in captivity conference, Tucson, AR, August 1998.

Jackson, D. “Factors Influencing stopping Power and holding Power: Studying the Animals that Pay the Bills.” Presented at the American Zoo and Aquarium Association Annual Conference, Tulsa, OK, September 1998.

Jackson, D. “Behavior Genetic Analysis and the African-American Community: Objective Science or Voodoo Genetics.” Presented at the European Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society, Orleans, France September 97.

Jackson, D. “Zoos and HBCUs: A Unique Collaboration.” Presented at the National HBCU Faculty Development Network, Memphis TN, October 96.

Jackson, D. “Behavior Genetic Analysis and its Contribution to Psychology: Objective Science or Voodoo Genetics.” Presented at the Seventeenth Annual National Institute on the teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg Beach, FL, January 1995.

Jackson, D. “Motivations that Drive Prejudice and Discrimination: Is the Scientific Community Really Objective?” Presented at the Dealing with Differences Summer Institute, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, May 1994.

Jackson, D. M. “Undergraduate Statistics—Trying to Make it real.” Presented at the Fourteenth Annual national Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, January 1992.

Jackson, D. Ogden, J. & Maple, T., “Making visual contact at the Gorilla interpretive Center: A Study of the Visitor Traffic Flow and Gorilla Visibility.” Presented at the Visitor Studies Conference, Dearborn, MI, May 1989.

Jackson, D., Burton, K. Valdez, N., “The Effect of Color on Choosing an Ovipositioning Site in Milkweed Bugs ( Oncopeltus fasciatus ).” Presented at the Animal Behavior Society Meeting, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, August 1988.

Jackson, D., “Entomex 2001-Recording of Small Animal Activity: Invertebrates as Behavioral Models.” Paper presented at Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration: Minority Access to Research Careers. Third Annual Colloquium, Washington, D. C., March 1986.

Jackson, D. & Rhines, D. “Increased Aggression Among Females Due to chirping in Males in the House Cricket ( Acheta domesticus ).” Presented at the Animal Behavior Society Meeting, North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC, June 1985.

Jackson, D., “Conditioning and Retention as Studied in a Behavior-Genetic Analysis of the Blowfly ( Phormia regina )”. Presented at the Animal Behavior Society Meeting, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 1982.

Jackson, D., “Stability in Learning (Classical Conditioning) in the Blowfly Phormia regina )”. Presented at the Animal Behavior Society Meeting, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, June 1976.


Jackson, D. “Aggression in Insects.” Presented at Penn State, Department of Entomology, State College, Pennsylvania, April 2004.

Jackson, D. “Life Styles of Ants and Termites in the African Savannah the Amazon Jungle and South Georgia.” Presented at the Colloquium Series, Gainesville College, Gainesville GA, February 2002

Jackson, D. “Aggression in Ants, Butterflies and Termites.” Presented at the Department of Psychology, Psi Chi speakers series, Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC, November 2001.

Jackson, D., “Research in the Lab, Field and Zoo: Working in a Controlled Fantasy, Uncontrolled Reality and a Mixed Bag.” Presented at Department of Biology Seminar, North Carolina


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