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I invite you to my webpage and to the world of literature.  I believe that books open a universe of possibilities.  Indeed, not only will reading widely and voraciously make you a better writer and thinker, I believe that those activities alone can make you a better human being.

When people say that they don’t like to read, I think what they mean is that they haven’t found the right thing to read.  I remember the first time that I fell in love with words.  My perception of the world changed and I haven’t looked back since.  When you find that book that sparks that “one great idea,” then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Most enter my class with the perennial preoccupation of all college students: wanting to make an A.  However, it is my hope that whether you are in freshman composition or an upper division literature course that you will you will enjoy the process of getting to that A more than the end result.

So in the blog section I hope to talk about current issues and other books that I am reading outside of class and maybe we can have a dialogue about that as well. 

So enjoy and read.

One love!

Dr. C.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Look at on the different  class pages  to experience what we will be reading in class. You can also follow me on tumblr (Corrie Claiborne) and twitter  @ProfClaiborne. Email me at corrieclaiborne@gmail.com