Aakhut E. Bak

Department of Physics

Associate Professor

B.A. in Physics, University of Chicago, 1982

Ph.D. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987

Ph.D. Thesis: World-Sheet Supersymmetry and Strings

Courses Taught:

Physical Science (HPHY_102)

Mechanics (HPHY_154)

Electricity & Magnetism (HPHY_253)

Classical Mechanics (HPHY_362)

Research Interests:

Since 1990, Dr. Bak has collaborated with Dr. Charles S. Brown to develop the unified polarization calculus, which is a Lorentz-group based formalism that exploits the analogy between the Mueller matrices of polarization optics and the Lorentz transformations of special relativity.  This calculus incorporates the traditional approaches (namely, the Jones, coherency, and Mueller calculi) into a single unified formalism.  Some of the fruits of the unified polarization calculus have been: [1] the general Mueller matrix for arbitrarily coupled birefringence and dichroism in a closed analytical form, [2] an inversion algorithm that yields the birefringence and dichroism responsible for a given Mueller matrix, [3] important limiting conditions on Mueller matrices, and [4] a closed analytical expression for stochastic Mueller matrices involving coupled birefringence and dichroism.

Selected Publications:

S. J. Gates, Jr., R. Brooks, and F. Muhammad (me), ‘Unidexterous Superspace: The Flax of (Super)strings,’ Physics Letters B194 (1987) 35.

R. Brooks, F. Muhammad (me), and S. J. Gates, Jr., ‘Extended D = 2 Supergravity Theories and their Lower Superspace Realizations,’ Classical and Quantum Gravity 5 (1988) 785.

F. Muhammad (me) and C. S. Brown, ‘Lorentz Group Underpinnings for the Jones and Mueller Calculi,’ Proc. SPIE 2265 (1994) 337.

C. S. Brown and A. E. Bak, ‘Unified Formalism for Polarization Optics with Application to Polarimetry on a Twisted Optical Fiber,’ Optical Engineering 34 (1995) 1625.

A. E. Bak and C. S. Brown, ‘Stochastic Aspects of the Unified Polarization Calculus,’ Proc. SPIE 3754 (1999) 39.

C. S. Brown and A. E. Bak, ‘The General Lorentz Transformation and its Application to Deriving and Evaluating the Mueller Matrices of Polarization Optics,’ Proc. SPIE 3754 (1999) 65.

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