National Summer Research Opportunities

There are many research opportunities available nationally each year. Below, are resources to assist in the search for national research opportunities.

Research Opportunities

The Division of Science & Mathematics houses information on student research opportunities. This collection consists of local, national, and federal opportunities, as well as other resources. In support of student research, the Division seeks to provide a platform on which to applaud student research accomplishments, as well as to provide a venue for students to discuss research experiences.

For more information and assistance in preparing for research experiences, contact:

  • Dr. James P. Brown
  • Director, Office of Research Careers
  • Division of Science and Mathematics
  • Location: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, R-107
  • Tel: 404-572-3637
  • Email:

Local Research Opportunities

Information pertaining to local research opportunities is updated regularly, and is available to all Morehouse College STEM majors. These opportunities consist of summer programs, as well as those programs offered throughout the school year within the metropolitan Atlanta area. Faculty members may also find these listings beneficial, as a resource for potential collaborations.

The current offerings are as follow:

  • Morehouse Faculty Research Opportunities
  • Atlanta University Center Research Opportunities
  • Atlanta Research Opportunities

For information on current opportunities, visit the Office of Research Careers.

Graduate School Visitation Opportunities

There are several opportunities to visit graduate programs across the country. Many provide funding for under-represented minorities to cover food, transportation and other related expenses. Click the link below for a partial list.