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Division of Science and Mathematics

Dean: Dr. John K. Haynes
Office Manager: Linda Nelson

Office: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 104

Phone: (404) 614-3796


Department of Biology

Chair: Dr. David B. Cooke III
Administrative Assistant: Karen A. Morris

Office: Nabrit-Mapp-McBay, Room 134

Phone: (404) 215-2609


Department of Chemistry

Chair: Dr. John H. Hall
Administrative Assistant: Noel Beasley

Office: Merrill Hall, Room 105

Phone: (404) 215-2611


Department of Computer Science

Chair: Dr. Kenneth R. Perry

Administrative Assistant: Martha Banks

Office: Hopps Technology Tower, Room 125

Phone: (404) 215-2757


Department of Physics & Dual Degree Engineering

Chair & Associate Professor: Dr. Willie S. Rockward
Administrative Assistant: Renee Carr

Office: Dansby Hall, Room 114 

Phone: 404.215.2615
Fax: 404.614.6032


Department of Mathematics

Chair: Dr. Duane Cook

Administrative Assistant: William Barnville

Office: Dansby Hall, Room 309 

Phone: 404-653-7920 


Department of Psychology

Chairperson: Dr. David Wall Rice 

Administrative Assistant: Jeanine D. White

Office: Dansby Hall, Room 210 

Phone: (404) 215-2626 

Fax: (404) 215-2754