Applying to the CTEMS Program

The submission period to apply to the CTEMS Program is now CLOSED. The next enrollment period will be FALL 2018.  

Major Overview

Students must be currently enrolled at Morehouse College or have been accepted into the College before applying to become a CTEMS major. Only applications submitted during the designated period each semester will be screened. Applications will not be accepted again until the designated dates in the following semester. 


Students must take the following courses (33 hours out of the 45 required for the major):

HCTM 235

Intro. to Film

3 hours

HCTM 237

Intro. to Television

3 hours

HENG 392

Creative Wrtiting: Fiction & Drama

3 hours

HCTM 255

Classic AA Cinema or HCTM 258 Intro. to AA Cinema

3 hours

HCTM 300

Screenplay I

3 hours

HCTM 302

Screenplay II or HCTM 303 Writing for Television, Short Film

3 hours

HCTM 320

Film Criticism & Theory

3 hours

HCTM 325

Great Films (Domestic & International)

3 hours

HCTM 348

Hollywood, Politics, Power

3 hours

HCTM 365

Special Topics: Storytelling with Digital Media/Technology

3 hours

HCTM 425

Senior Capstone: Film Production

3 hours





Students may not transfer in hours to substitute for any of the above courses. Up to six transfer hours of approved credits may count towards the required elective hours for the major. In addition to the above 33 hrs, the major requires twelve hours in electives.

Approved electives courses include:

  • ENG 388 ​New Media Technology
  • The Graphic Novel 
  • CHI 302 Chinese Language and Culture through Film and Literature
  • SOC 300 Gender and the Media
  • HPSY 389 Black Men, Black Boys and the Psychology of Modern Media
  • Eng 461 West African Fiction and Film
  • French 320 French Literature, Language and Culture Through Film

Elective course offerings will vary from semester to semester.

The minor requires 18 hours, which must include the following: HCTM 235, HCTM 237, HCTM 255 or 258, HCTM 320, and HCTM 325.


If a CTEMS major student gets hired for an unpaid internship for which he hopes to receive credit hours within the major area, he should make this request to the CTEMS program director and request credit hour approval consideration. Internships may be eligible to receive one to three credit hours. The internship must last over the course of the summer and a minimum of eight weeks or over the course of an academic semester (fall or spring) with a film company, television studio, network, etc. No credit hours for internship will be granted retroactively (past completed internships). Internships for which a major seeks credit hour approval within his major must be specifically aligned with the program curriculum. Internships are not a substitute for any of the core CTEMS courses and are eligible for elective hour credit only. 

Internship credit hour approval process:

  • Request that the immediate supervisor or company human resources director/internship coordinator electronically submit a signed letter on official letterhead to the program director. It should be submitted at least three weeks before the start of the internship. The letter should detail the duration, hours, location, and the specific internship duties that the student will perform and whether or not receiving credit hours is a requirement of the internship. The proposed internship will then be evaluated and the student and Registrar's Office notified if it is acceptable to receive credit hours.

  • A student must actually be enrolled for an internship with the approved number of credit hours (1-3) that the internship can receive. The Registrar's office handles the enrollment through the program director. The internship appears on the student's record as any course would unless they are not paid for within the necessary time frame. These hours must be paid for in the same way that regular course hours require payment according to the costs for the semester or summer term and via the process and timetable set by the Financial Aid Office. 

  • Upon completion of the internship, the supervisor should notify the CTEMS program director in writing that the internship was successfully completed according to the terms outlined in the signed description letter.