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Day 9: Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tremaine McGregor 09 - This may have been one of the most incredible days of my short life! The best parts did not occur until later in the day, but once they came, I was far from being disappointed. Following a delightful breakfast at the Stonebreaker restaurant on the campus right behind the building we were lodging in for the week, we journeyed out to the Parliament.

When we arrived, an introductory session was already in progress and it seemed that we were not the only visiting group present. There was a large group of students from various schools, hometowns, and concentrations here through a program called the International Student Laureates. We began to check-in through the tour entrance and into the first few hallways when I spoke to a couple of these students. First, I met Brittany, who was from a small school in California and she gave me an overview of the program for today. Then, Caroline, from Orlando, discussed with me the goal of the program, which is to show the many ways that diplomatic international relations can be applied to the different concentrations represented. She was studying public relations and this experience was a beneficial one for her. I also met James, from Old Dominion, whom I discovered became a member of this group through Golden Key International Honor Society (I had been inducted earlier this year at the Morehouse chapter), and David, from Wisconsin, who jokingly claimed his school was horrible and stated that he was here because of a similar program he was a part of in high school.

Throughout these various interactions with the other students, we all were in the midst of a guided tour of the numerous rooms within the Parliament building.

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