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Newest Members of the Morehouse Family Settle into their New Home


(Aug. 18, 2009) - Daniel Griffith may be in a new space, but he had a lot of familiar faces around him Tuesday on the first day of New Student Orientation (NSO) at Morehouse.

Surrounding him as he moved onto campus for his freshman year were Griffith’s mother, grandmother, grandfather and great-aunt. All were decked out in new maroon and white Morehouse T-shirts.

“I feel a sense of responsibility for my family, myself, just for everyone,” said Griffith, the Whites Plains, N.Y. economics and finance major who was also reared in the family’s native country of Trinidad. “We’ve worked so hard just to reach this point and finally reaching this goal, the mixture of emotions is coming out. “

Griffith was one of approximately 800 new students who arrived for NSO, which runs until Thursday, Aug. 20.

SUVs, cars, trucks and even taxi cabs – full of clothing, furniture and families – lined the entrances into the campus all day Tuesday. Immediate and extended families quickly bought and wore new shirts that read “Morehouse Dad” or “Morehouse Mom” as they moved things into residence halls and then took impromptu tours around campus.

President Robert M. Franklin Jr. ’75 was out early in the day, greeting new students and parents. The Morehouse House of Funk Marching Band gave them a rousing welcome.

Sterling Hudson, dean of Admissions and Records said the things went very well throughout the day. “Based on traffic we think we are going to be landing around 750 to 800 new students,” he said. “That’s a very good number.”

NSO will continue with a welcoming ceremony, introductions to faculty and staff along with information session on the programs and services offered at Morehouse. The students will get an introduction to the College’s rituals and traditions and alumni during Alumni Interaction/Spirit Night. Culminating NSO Week will be the emotional Parents Parting Ceremony, in which the gates leading into campus are shut behind the Class of 2013, symbolically separating the newest men of Morehouse from their families.

Midday rain showers were unsuccessful in dampening the enthusiasm of students and their families.

“Daniel is my only son and he’s the only grandchild in the family," said Griffith's mother, Petula. "It’s like a beginning of a journey for us and we feel Daniel is in the right place.”

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