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College's QEP Focuses on Internationalization


One of the reasons LeSean Brown ’08 came to Morehouse was because he wanted a base to start his own student exchange program in Germany as a way to promote relationships between African Americans and Germans.

His classmate, Eric Baylor ’08, wants to teach in a foreign land and will spend eight months in Argentina in 2009 teaching English.

The experiences of the two Fulbright Scholars form part of the foundation for the College’s theme for its Quality Enhancement Plan: Enhancing the Global Competence of Morehouse Students.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requires institutions up for reaccreditation to formulate a Quality Enhancement Plan as part of their efforts in reaffirming regional accreditation. A decision on the College’s re-accreditation, which comes up for renewal every 10 years, will be announced by SACS in 2009.

Ron Sheehy, chair of the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan Committee, said faculty, staff and administrators found that the theme of Enhancing the Global Competence of Morehouse Students perfectly fits Morehouse’s plans for the future.

“Morehouse seeks to realize more fully its historic mission and audacious vision of improving global conditions by educating student-leaders who will make a difference,” he said. “Dr. Robert Michael Franklin Jr. ’75 has articulated the College’s collective commitment to the revitalization of this historic vision in these words: ‘Morehouse will become a global resource for educated and ethical leaders.’”

To implement that vision, the College is embarking on a five-year, comprehensive internationalization process to accomplish three goals: develop broad-based knowledge of global issues in all disciplines, including general education; provide experiences that will enhance the understanding of other cultures and nations; and develop the attitudes and values that will enable Morehouse students to lead the nation and the world.

The College will make global issues a part of every course on campus. New programs focusing on internationalization also will be added, including:

• The Morehouse International Research Mini-Grant Program, which will offer grants to faculty to encourage research in international affairs.

• Activities at the W.E.B.DuBois International House Center that will facilitate exchanges between international and U.S. students; adding language submersion programs and evening and weekend English as a second language programs.

• New exchange programs that have been established by the Andrew Young Center with institutions in Tanzania, England and France.

• In addition to the new Mandarin Chinese language courses now offered, the study of other Middle Eastern languages and cultures will be added.

It makes for an exciting time for the College, Sheehy said.

“It involves faculty, students, staff and other stakeholders in a tapestry of programs that will provide a platform for moving Morehouse boldly, systematically and assuredly into the remainder of the 21st century and beyond,” he said.

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