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Morehouse College Not Damaged By Friday, March 14 Tornado

Morehouse College was spared any damage from the devastating, tornado-spawning storm that struck downtown Atlanta on Friday, March 14.

The storm did knock out electrical power on campus. Power was restored by Saturday evening.

The storm moved through the West End area and into downtown Atlanta around 9:30 p.m. Friday evening.

Less than three miles away from campus, the Vine City neighborhood, Georgia Dome, CNN Center and several other buildings in downtown Atlanta were hit by a tornado, causing structural damage, shattering windows, overturning vehicles and littering streets with glass and other debris.

The storms caused no fatalities in metro Atlanta, though there was an estimated 30 people with nonlife-threatening injuries.

The tornado was the first to ever hit downtown Atlanta. Tornadoes rarely strike downtown areas, though it has happened in Jacksonville, Fla. (2004), Little Rock, Ark. (1999) and Nashville, Tenn. (1998).

Traffic has been re-routed in some parts of downtown Atlanta and other
affected neighborhoods. For information, click here.

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