2017 Senior Profiles


Blake Benyard, a Morehouse College scholar athlete, has dashed and hurdled, vaulted and jumped, pushing himself through a grueling test of mettle and might to reach the end of a race.

His endurance is unyielding.

On May 21, this decathlete will finally pause at the finish line, bend over, and catch his breath. After four years on the run, Benyard, a senior physics major from Lorain, Ohio, is graduating magna cum laude with an award for having the highest grade point average in his department – a 3.8. Read More »


Ivan Conard came to Morehouse College from Cleveland with raw talent and no real way to pay for his education. When his pregnant mother dropped him off for freshman orientation 710 miles away from home, he was convinced that he could somehow find a way to stay for classes.

Conard, a natural salesman, wasn’t worried. 

It took him three days of knocking on doors and pitching himself to administrators to secure the means to cover his higher education. On May 21, Conard will make good on the investment Morehouse made in his future. He will graduate with honors and start a new career - in banking and sales.

“I fear nothing,” he said. “ I have always had faith and the gift of gab.” Read More »


Corbin Sanders grew up in a Chicago neighborhood where riots locked down college prep schools, grocery stores abandoned blocks, and a skinny kid with a violin and no gang affiliation was a walking target. 

But he escaped it all - the whir of sirens, the crime scene tape, the lost souls huddling on the corner – by landing a music scholarship to Morehouse College. On May 21, Sanders, will graduate with honors and begin a professional music career.

Sanders, the youngest of five born to a single mom, believes that Morehouse College gave him a new life.

“I graduated from John Hope College Prep High School,” he said. “It used to be one of those top-notch schools, but by the time I got there it was out of control. We had a lot of fights at school, a lot of gang-banging activity. We had a few riots where police had to come in and shut everything down. Englewood had become one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago.” Read Full Story »

Scholar Finds His Inner Media Mogul at Morehouse College

 The way Chris Sumlin sees it, there are two kinds of people. Those who wait for life to happen to them and those who make their own opportunities. He’s the latter.

Sumlin came to Morehouse College from Columbus, Ohio, with an advanced degree and  a fan following. He’s a motivational book author and a YouTube viral video-maker whose creativity landed him on the college page of USA Today.

“I was in reflection one morning and the whole idea came to me as a dream,” Sumlin said of his most successful video. “I’m really good at resume tips, and I love Beyoncé. I took five Beyoncé songs and merged them with resume tips. It became my most popular video with over 5,000 views.” Read More »

Scholar Finds New Path and Fortune At Morehouse College

Dofan A. Koné understands the pain of promise wasted. He carries the hopes of his Ivory Coast homeland on his shoulders. It could have been someone else to make it out. Someone richer. Someone smarter.

Back home, the hands of a would-be surgeon get covered in the dirt of a day laborer.

For Koné, it would be different. Read More »

Morehouse Man Forges His Own Path As A Community Leader 

Demarius Brinkley of Madison, Ga. has something to prove to himself and to the one man he idolized for giving him everything. His sense of humor, his brown eyes, his command of a room.

He was in elementary school when his parents divorced. His dad eventually went his own way.

Brinkley vowed to be a man who made better choices. On May 21, the senior class president with a double major in political science and philosophy will graduate from Morehouse College as a Morehouse Man with two degrees.

“I feel so blessed,” Brinkley said. “I almost didn’t make it to Morehouse. When I applied for a full scholarship, there were none available.” Read More »