Morehouse College Presidential Search Update

Date Released: August 29, 2017

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Alumni:

We would like to share that we have made terrific progress in our efforts to find a permanent President for Morehouse College. The Presidential Search Committee continues to work diligently and is making progress to identify, vet, and recommend candidates for consideration and approval by the Morehouse Board of Trustees. On behalf of the Search Committee, we are excited to provide you with a progress report, as well as, the projected timeline to select the new President. Thanks to the strong work of our executive search firm Isaacson, Miller the process continues to move forward successfully.     

The first step of the search process included a survey and listening sessions where we obtained community input on the desired characteristics of the new President. A cross-section of alumni, staff, faculty, students, and parents participated to share their views. Additionally, we conducted focus group meetings. Based on feedback from the surveys and focus groups, we developed a job profile. The job profile seeks a candidate who is a strong and proven leader, experienced and successful at leading a world-class institution of higher learning with proven success at fundraising, respect for Morehouse traditions, and excitement about the opportunity to lead our historic institution. We advertised the job across multiple outlets to attract a broad selection of potential candidates.

The Search Committee received outstanding responses and reached out to many stellar candidates. The committee reviewed a select number of these candidates for more intense vetting and deeper discussions. In order to maintain the integrity of the process and the confidentiality of the selected individuals, we are unable to share specifics regarding the candidates we have vetted. However, we are confident the Search Committee has identified the most highly capable individuals available to lead Morehouse into the future.

By early to mid-September, the Search Committee will finalize its recommendation for the top candidate. The selected candidate will then engage with a small group of faculty, students, alumni, and trustees for additional vetting. Upon completion of those engagements, the Search Committee hopes to make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees in early October for a full board discussion. Selecting the most qualified individual is extremely important, and we are excited at the opportunity to finalize the selection of a new permanent President. However, it’s important to note that we will not rush the process. If we are not confident the right candidate has been identified, we will continue our search process until we find the right individual capable of leading our College, expanding our brand, protecting our legacy, and creating an unlimited future for our students. 

We are honored to be part of the process of selecting the next leader of Morehouse, and sincerely appreciate your support, input, and patience during our Presidential Search.


Dale Jones
Chair, Search Committee

Euclid Walker
Vice Chair, Search Committee


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