Leadership Changes at Morehouse College

Date Released: April 7, 2017

Dear Morehouse Community,

Today, the Morehouse College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to make several major leadership changes within the Board and Administration of the College. While some of these actions were planned,the Board of Trustees voted today to immediately turn the page and begin the investment in a new future for Morehouse. With today’s actions, the Board acknowledges that it has heard the voices of students,faculty, alumni and many other key members of the Morehouse family, who have called upon all of those who love this historic institution to put aside our differences and put Morehouse and our mission first.

Effective today, John Wilson will step down as President of Morehouse College, and William Taggart will immediately assume the role of Interim President. We would like to take this time to thank President Wilson for serving Morehouse over the past four years, and wish him ongoing success. The Presidential Search Committee will continue its efforts to identify a permanent new leader who can bring a renewed vision to the college.

Over the past two years, our Board has worked to improve our governance. Recent feedback has supported this effort; therefore, we have decided to move faster than originally planned with the implementation of several key changes and reforms for the Board. The objective of the various actions taken today is to help us all move forward as a collective community with the singular goal of uniting behind Morehouse.

Effective immediately, Chairman Robert Davidson steps down from the Board as Chair and will end his tenure on the Board of Trustees on June 30, 2017 to make way for new Board leadership. Chairman Davidson made the decision to step down voluntarily in the interest of helping to shape a new and bright future for Morehouse College. We would like to thank Chairman Davidson for his long and distinguished service to Morehouse, and for setting the tone today by demonstrating his love for the college.

In addition, all of the Board's Officers have agreed to immediately transition their leadership roles in advance of the end of their terms. A new slate of Board Officers was voted in today, including Willie Woods as the new Chairman, effective immediately. In addition to being involved in the search for a new President, Woods will be primarily focused on increasing the college's endowment. This new slate of Board Officers represents a diverse cross section of Board members who are highly qualified for these positions, and offer a strong blend of both Morehouse alumni and non-alumni participation.

The Board also met today with faculty members to listen and work through their concerns collectively. We hope that the faculty, students and larger Morehouse community will continue to join us in working together to build a combined strategy around our shared vision.

Morehouse is a great and historic institution, built on a foundation of leadership and civic responsibility. Our brand remains strong and the college continues to be operationally sound despite recent challenges. We look forward to working with the entire community to build a stronger Morehouse College as we celebrate this momentous year in our college's history, and to another 150 years of academic leadership and excellence.

Best Regards,

The Morehouse College Board of Trustees

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