College Statement from Interim President Martin '02

Date Released: November 10, 2017

Dear Morehouse community,

This week, a social media campaign on Twitter and anonymous letters posted on campus made allegations of sexual misconduct at Morehouse College. I do not take these allegations lightly. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are serious issues nationally, in the workplace and on college campuses.

As an academic institution with a history of grappling with challenging social justice issues, we will engage this issue head-on.

Maintaining a safe, secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a priority at Morehouse, and we will take appropriate and immediate action against anyone involved in compromising the safety of our community, which includes every campus in the Atlanta University Center. I, personally along with the College, have a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual assault and sexual harassment. I also believe that it is important that we create an environment at Morehouse College in which victims feel safe coming forward and being heard.

I would also like to remind everyone that putting names on a list is not evidence of misconduct, and only until charges have been filed can the investigative process begin. We have reached out to students identified in the campaign to inform them of the services on campus available to support them.

We will vigorously investigate any claims of sexual misconduct filed with our Title IX Office. Our Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures guidelines provide for disciplinary action, including dismissal, if any student, faculty, or staff member engages in inappropriate behavior. 

I encourage any person who has been impacted by sexual violence allegedly perpetrated by any Morehouse College student, faculty, or staff member to come forward and file a complaint or to use our anonymous complaint hotline: 888-299-9540. You can also file an anonymous complaint online at

Our support goes out to anyone who feels that he or she is a victim of abuse. We hold all men of Morehouse to the highest standards of conduct. We are dedicated to their development as scholars, leaders, and community servants. I know that the overwhelming majority of our students are respectful, responsible, and hard-working men of high character.

We have programs in place to educate students about sexual misconduct, including the Not In My House campaign; that campaign emphasizes that violence, discrimination, and disrespect will not be tolerated at Morehouse College. We also have a Healthy Campus Task Force, which is composed of students, staff, and faculty members working in collaboration with the Georgia Independent College Association to raise awareness of campus sexual violence and to coordinate prevention efforts. Student leaders, residence assistants, athletes, and campus organizations participate in bystander training that focuses on their roles in spreading the message that sexual misconduct is prohibited. The program teaches trainees how to safely intervene when they see someone who may need help.

I will continue to meet with my senior team and our Title IX Coordinator, Terraine Bailey, so that Morehouse can emerge as a national leader in finding solutions that curb incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault on college campuses.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at My door is, and will continue to be, open to you.


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