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he Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel has walls that talk.

In the lobby, marble walls are engraved with words from the world’s best known dreamer: “I still have a dream, deeply rooted in the American dream.”

In the sacred hush of the nave, the walls have countless tales from ministers of nearly every denomination under the sun, from educators and entertainers, and from politicians and poets—all of whom have brought messages of encouragement, empowerment and inspired leadership to students who dream of becoming Morehouse Men.

Along parallel corridors flanking the nave are 190 portraits, each of which paints a thousand words about the vision, courage and service of the human and civil rights leaders so vividly captured. Even the Chapel Library, whose walls are completely covered with rare, enthralling photos of King and other leaders, virtually pulsates with life.

With nearly 25,000 visitors a year—from 2,100 students attending required weekly Crown Forum assemblies, to dozens of ministers and laity being inducted annually into a scholarly colloquium, to hundreds of parents entrusting their beloved sons to the College each fall, to thousands of visitors snapping photos of the King statue on the plaza throughout the year—the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel is indeed the College’s “living room.”

For those who dream of a beloved world community, non-violent social change, personal transformation, brotherhood, justice and peace, the King Chapel offers both a scholastic and spiritual home.

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