Andrew Young Center for International Affairs

Center for the Studies of Applied Politics

In the spirit of Dr. Brisbane's life long legacy of political activism and as articulated in his 1974 book Black Activism, we at Morehouse College, builders of the future political leaders can no longer afford to ignore the methods by which political power is acquired, maintained, and exercised in America. The Center for Studies in Applied Politics will take an instrumental role in understanding these methods, educating our students and others in them, and in developing new methods continuing the tradition of Morehouse as a true leader in real world politics.

The Center will provide training and research in applied politics in areas such as:

  • Campaign Management
  • Political Leadership
  • Lobbying and Government Relations
  • Quantitative Strategies
  • Political Communications
  • Environmental Politics
  • African American Political Economy
  • Campaign Finance
  • Funding Raising
  • Community Politics

This program will prepare students for professional careers in government and politics, e.g., political leaders, consultants, campaign managers, lobbyists, and researchers and expand internship opportunities for Morehouse students. A long-term goal will be to establish a concentration, minor, and eventually a major in the Political Science Department in Applied Politics.

Examples of courses that could be offered include:

  • Campaign Strategy and Tactics
  • Public Opinion
  • African American Politics
  • Survey Research
  • Voting Behavior/Polling
  • Political Communication
  • Political Parties
  • Community Politics
  • Religion & Politics: Separation of Church and State, and Focus Group.