Career Planning and Placement

Cover Letter

Why should I take the time to write cover letters? Cover letters are a classy way to express your personality and writing skills. You can go into a little more detail in a cover letter than you can in a brief resume. A cover letter can set you apart from the crowd because many people do not take the time to write cover letters.
A well-drafted cover letter can help you “sell” yourself to an employer. It should accomplish three main things:

Introduce yourself to the employer. If you are a recent college graduate, mention your major and how it would apply to the job you are seeking. Discuss the organizations/extracurricular activities you were involved in and the part-time jobs and internships you held during your college career, even if they might seem insignificant to you. Chances are, you probably picked up some transferable skills that you will be able to use in the work world.

Briefly state your education and the skills that will benefit the employer. Don’t go into a lot of detail here (that’s what your resume is for) but give the employer a sense of your strengths and talents.

Request further action. This is where you request the next step, such as an appointment or a phone conversation. Be polite but sincere in your desire for further action.

See a sample cover letter here.