Special Events

Homecoming takes place in October, and is collaboratively planned with departments from the Division of Student Services and the Office of Alumni Relations from both Morehouse and Spelman College. Homecoming is a festive week of events shared with students, staff, alumni and the West End community. Student leaders from the CampusAlliance of Student Activities (C.A.S.A.) - Morehouse College and Planning Unique Activities for a Lively Spelman Experience (P.U.L.S.E.) - Spelman College organize the theme and the following events for the week:

  • Fashion Show - Morehouse
  • Neo Soul Concert - Spelman
  • Hump Wednesday - Morehouse
  • Hip Hop Concert - Morehouse
  • Market Friday - Spelman
  • Coronation - Morehouse
  • Coronation Ball - Morehouse
  • Homecoming Parade - Morehouse
  • Homecoming Game - Morehouse
  • Tail Gating - Morehuse
  • Pan Helenic Greek Step Show - Morehouse

Spring Fest

Spring Fest takes plase in April, and is planned by the Office of Student Life and the Campus Alliance for Student Activities (C.A.S.A.) . The week of events close out the semester with fun and excitement. The events include:

  • Freshmen Step Show
  • Drive In Movie
  • Division of Student Services Awards Banquet
  • Morehouse College Live Awards Show
  • Hump Wednesday Yard Show
  • Earth Day Campus Activities
  • The Miss Maroon & White Pageant