Counseling Services

Counseling Needs Assessment for Morehouse College Students

The Counseling Department would like your assistance. We are asking you to complete the questionnaire below. Please check each statement that is important to you.

I. Please regard the following list of potential counseling issues.

As a student, I would like help with the following issues:

1. Thoughts of harming others
2. Suicidal thoughts
3. Time Management
4. Test taking/Test anxiety
5. Study Habits
6. Procrastination
7. Motivation
8. Grades/Probation
9. Instructor relationship
10. Friends/Roommate relationship
11. Family relationship
12. Employer relationship
13. Love partner relationship
14. Choosing a career
15. Choosing a major
16. Sexuality/sexual orientation
17. Meeting people
18. Grief
19. Financial Matters
20. Expressing feelings
21. Eating Problems
22. Assertiveness
23. Appearance/Weight
24. Alcohol/ Drug
25. Anger Management

II. From the list above, place the numbers of the five most important topics for you in the spaces below.

1. (most important)

2. (next important)

3. (next important)

4. (next important)

5. (next important)


III. What are some other ways in which the counselors can help you?