Bonner Office of Community Service (BOCS)


Office of Financial Aid


The primary purpose of the Student Financial Aid Program at Morehouse College is to serve students who need assistance in meeting the basic cost of their education.

The Financial Aid Office serves as an integral part of the Bonner Scholars Selection process, especially so since the directive from the Bonner Foundation and agreed to by former Morehouse College President, Walter Massey that initially affected the Class of 2007, to package all Bonner Scholars up to the full cost of attendance. With the new mandate, the role of the Financial Aid Office is critical in identifying students that met the criteria for accepted Parental Contribution and those best suited to receive packaging. With recommendations the Financial Aid Office, the Bonner Staff can set up interviews with incoming freshmen that have demonstrated a commitment to service.

Contact Name/Information

General Information
(800) 873-9041 (toll free)
(404) 215-2711 (fax)

Kimaneisha Franklin, Enrollment Management
(470) 639-0550