Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership


The Leadership Center identifies and recruits scholars involved in significant research and writing on leadership issues pertinent to the mission of the Center. The Scholars-in-Residence program brings scholars and public intellectuals to the campus, providing them the opportunity for concentrated work on research projects that serve as a resource for instruction, development, publication and training.

Since AY 2010-2011, Ambassador Andrew Young has served as distinguished scholar-in-residence. He joined Dr. Preston King who has been with the Center since 2003. Ambassador Young will conduct public lectures, participate in academic programs, forums or workshops and serve as a critical resource on his areas of expertise. In addition, Dr. Jochen Fried, Andrea King, Esq. and Dr. R. Drew Smith are serving as scholars-in-residence. Former scholars-in-residence include: C.B. Hackworth, Dr. Melvinia Turner King, Dr. Patricia Mitchell, Dr. Carter Savage and Dr. Joycelynn Wilson.


Ambassador Andrew Young Andrea Young
Ambassador Andrew Young Andrea Young, Esq.
Dr. Preston King  
Dr. Preston King