Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Leadership Center at Morehouse College is to develop ethical leaders serving public, private, and social sectors in local, national and global communities.

The Ethical Leadership Model™ developed by Dr. Walter Earl Fluker embodies cultivation of character, civilityand community which are the primary values in the Morehouse leadership tradition. 

The vision of the Leadership Center at Morehouse College is to be a preeminent academic center for the study and practice of leadership that fosters and sustains an inclusive, global civil society where justice is tempered by integrity, compassion, and courage.

The program also reflects Morehouse College President Robert M. Franklin’s vision “to develop Renaissance Men – leaders with a social conscience – who will champion the causes of equality, justice and peace in their communities and around the globe.”   This vision reflects a microcosm of the knowledge, skills and character needed for future civil society.