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Morehouse Where You Are: 2013 Recruitment Calendar

If you are unable to join us in Atlanta, you can still meet with a College Recruiter when he is in your city. Please review the following recruitment schedule, and identify when we will be near you. Contact the Recruiter that is scheduled to be in your area, and arrange to meet him. Check with your Guidance Counselor, we may already have a recruitment visit scheduled at your high school. We hope to see you on the road!

September 9-13 Jackson, MS Randall
September 6-8 Washington, DC Randall
September 6-18 Nation's Classic/Prince Georges/Howard/St. Mary's/
Charles County, MD
September 3-5 Montgomery, AL Randall
September 30-October 4 New Orleans, LA Randall
September 30-October 11 Queens/Long Island, NY Muse
September 29-October 4 Brooklyn/Manhattan Carlos
September 2-6 Brazil Chevalier
September 22-27 Washington, DC/Baltimore/Anne Arundel  Carlos
September 22-27 Memphis, TN Randall
September 2-20 Dallas/Fort Worth Carlos
September 2-14 Columbia/Charleston/Greenville/Orangeburt/Aiken/
Hartsville, SC
September 19-October 3 Chicago, IL Alston
September 19-27 Michigan Muse
September 15-30 Metro Atlanta Shelton
September 15-24 Los Angeles Chevalier
September 15-19 Birmingham, AL Randall
September 15-18 Columbus, OH Alston
October 7-11 Hampton Roads, VA Alston
October 7-11 Orlando/Tampa Randall
October 6-18 Houston Carlos
October 5-12 Indianapolis, IN Shelton
October 3-11 Palm Beach/Broward County Chevalier
October 28-30 Huntsville, AL/Chattanooga, TN Randall
October 27-30 Brooklyn/Manhattan Carlos
October 21-30 San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Muse
October 21-29 Bronx, NY/Westchester County Alston
October 21-23 Little Rock/North Little Rock, AR Randall
October 20-25 St. Louis Carlos
October 20-24 Miami/Dade/Broward Chevalier
October 17-18 British Virgin Islands Muse
October 1-4 Boston, MA Isom
October 1-5 Denver, CO Shelton
October 14-16 Milwaukee, WI Isom
October 14-18 Cincinnatti/Cleveland, OH Alston
October 14-18 US Virgin Islands Muse
October 14-18 Washington, DC/Northern Virginia Randall
October 13-30 Metro Atlanta Shelton
October 13-17 Dominican Republic Chevalier
October 17-18 Kansas City Isom
October 26-November 1 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Isom
November 5-9 Seattle, WA Muse
November 4-8 Puerto Rico Chevalier
November 4-8 Northern Virginia Randall
November 4-5 Portland, OR Muse
November 3-9 Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK Shelton
November 3-22 Los Angeles/San Diego Carlos
November 4-8 Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC Isom
November 3-18 Philadelphia, PA Alston
November 11-15 Charlotte, NC Isom
November 25-December 6 New Jersey Alston
November 18-22 Boston, MA Chevalier
November 18-22 Long Island/Upstate, NY Muse
November 18-21 Louisville/Lexington, KY Randall
November 11-15 Baltimore, MD Muse
November 10-22 Metro Atlanta/South Georgia Shelton
November 11-13 Charlotte, North Carolina  Isom
November 14-15 Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC Isom
December 6-7 Stockton, CA Chevalier
December 5-6 San Jose, CA Chevalier
December 4-5 Los Angeles, CA Chevalier
December 3-4 Orange County, CA Chevalier
December 2-6 Montgomery County, MD Muse
December 2-6 Montgomery County, MD Randall
December 2-3 San Diego, CA Chevalier
December 1-7 Savannah/Albany, GA Shelton
December 1-6 Montgomery County, MD Carlos
December 10-13 Jacksonville, FL Randall
November Metro Atlanta Chevalier