payment options


Ways to Pay your Educational Expenses


  1. Pay your bill online by debit/credit card or personal check.   Go to the Morehouse College website,, and log into TigerNet. The student’s TigerNet user name and PIN are required for login.  Click here for the electronic payment instructions.

  2. Wire money to the College.  Click here for wire instructions.

  3. Use approved financial aid.  The student must complete his financial aid file so that his aid is recorded in the College’s computer in the “accepted” status.

  4. Receive an extension of credit on the student’s account for external funds which are not administered by our Financial Aid Office. Credit is extended for reliable sources of funding from employers, foundations, universities or other organizations which are known to the College.  Here’s how to be considered for credit:
    • Send a copy of the award notice on agency letterhead to the Office of Student Accounts, 200B Gloster Hall, Morehouse College.

    • The award notice must be addressed to the student, indicate the specific award amount and the award period, and note that the award will be sent directly to and made payable or co-payable to Morehouse College.   Do not submit award notices that earmark the assistance in the name of the student alone.

  1. Pay 54 to 59% of the cost for the academic year by participating in the  
    College’s designated payment plan, Higher Education Services.

    Higher Education Services/Installment Payment Plan
    Call toll free at (800) 422-0010, or apply on line at

    Keep the following in mind:
    • The maximum payment plan budget is $24,000 for the academic year.
    • The deadline for signing up to participate in the plan is July 31, 2013.
    • Payment plan participants must make the initial payment, which is due June 3rd, and the advance fees, which are due July 31, 2013, directly to Morehouse College. THE INITIAL/MINIMUM PAYMENT ($16,000 for ON CAMPUS AND $11,000 FOR OFF-CAMPUS MAY BE COVERED WITH CASH AND ACCEPTED FINANCIAL AID ONLY.  Advance fees, which are due on or before July 31, 2013, should also be paid in cash.
    • After the initial payment and advance fees are satisfied, the remaining balance for the academic year (54 to 59% of the base cost) may be budgeted with the College’s designated payment plan, Higher Education Services.
    • The advance fees (new student orientation, damage/breakage deposit, and rental of a campus post office box), off-campus meal plans, books, lab fees, and parking permits cannot be a part of the budget for a payment plan.  The advance fees are in addition to the initial payment.
    • Most importantly, one hundred percent (100%) of the student’s cost for the academic year should be met when the budget for the payment plan is combined with all other forms of payment on the student’s account.


  1. Pay cash in person at the Cashier’s Office in 200 Gloster Hall.