Q: How do I sign up for OLR training?
A: If you are authorized to initiate and/or approve spending requests from an institutional or restricted budget, please contact the Purchasing Manager for upcoming training.


Q: What types of spending requests should be submitted for approval through the on-line requisitioning (OLR) process?
A: Only purchase order requests will be submitted through OLR. Travel documents (i.e. advances, expense statements and rental car vouchers), check requests, central supply orders, internal transactions (i.e. print shop requests, budget adjustments, journal entries) and job requisitions will continue to be submitted on paper.


Q: Should contracts be routed through OLR?
A: No. All contractual agreements should be processed within the framework of our current guidelines: the contract is submitted with a paper requisition to General Counsel for review; the documents are then forwarded to the Vice President for Business & Finance/CFO for approval by signature, and are finally routed to either Purchasing or Accounts Payable for the issuance of a purchase order and/or check.


Q: I submitted a paper requisition with a contract, why did I receive an email notification to approve a requisition?
A: If your department is live with the online requisitions process, upon approval the initiator will receive an email notification stating that a requisition is awaiting his/her approval. Each subsequent approver in that departmental queue will also receive an email notification, and all are required to log onto Tigernet or open the FOAUAPP form and submit an electronic approval.


Q: How will requisitions be processed if multiple departments will share the cost of the goods or services?
A: Requests that involve split accounting distributions (i.e. 2 or more departments and/or divisions share the cost of a purchase, and the authorized signers are different for each) should be submitted on paper.


Q: How do I obtain a Banner user name and password?
A: After you have received OLR training, download the Banner request form from the Purchasing website. Complete the form, obtain the signature of your supervisor and forward the form to the Budget Analyst for your area.