Campus Operations

Support Services

The Office of Support Services is the primary point of contact for inquiries regarding the availability of and reservation of most Morehouse College campus facilities. Please refer to the Morehouse College Facilities Use Policies to ensure that your desired use of our College facilities is allowed and appropriate. There you will find helpful information regarding parking and security requirements, sponsorship, priorities of use, cleaning, etc.

Services provided include:

  • Maintenance of the campus facility request calendar
  • Assistance with temporary structural modifications e.g., staging & props, lighting, sound, visual
  • Recommendations regarding necessary equipment usage, set-up and logistics and planning
  • Liaison with other on-campus service providers and/or outside contractors and vendors


James Smartt
Support Services Manager
Triplex, Building # 9
Ph. (404) 614-8553
Fax: (404) 507-8613

  Warren Green
Support Services Assistant
Triplex, Building #9
Ph. (404) 681-2800, ext. 2180
Fax: (404) 215-2718
Reginald Sargent
Audio/Visual Technician
King Chapel
Ph. (404) 681-2800, ext. 2833
Fax: (404) 653-7733

Skeikgo Carter
Evening Support Services Coordinator
Triplex Building #9
Ph. (404) 681-2800, ext. 7781
Fax: (404) 215-2718


Baatin Muhammad
Audio/Visual Technician
Triplex, Building #9
Ph. (404) 681-2800 ext 7721
Fax: (404) 215-2718

  Sam Phillips
Logistics Manager for King Chapel
and other facilities

King Chapel
Ph. (404) 681-2800, ext. 2025
Fax: (404) 653-7733

Keith Sherrer
Audio/Visual Technician
Ph. 404-681-2800 ext. 6273
Fax: 404-507-8613