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All financial aid at Morehouse College is administered in accordance with federal and state policies and regulations. The Office of Financial Aid will determine the type of aid and amount received. The Student Support Services staff will make every effort to ensure that SSS participants who meet eligibility requirements are awarded state and federal grants with a minimum loan package. The SSS staff will ensure that SSS students apply early enough to be listed in the first financial aid awards. Students who meet the federal and state requirements will receive maximum Pell, SEOG, and any state grant monies that the student may be eligible to receive.  Loans will be kept to the minimum, and if the student has the talent and /or academic potential, the SSS staff will advocate for the our participants to ensure that they have a have a fair chance at receiving any other grants and aid  from scholarships to stipends and paid internships. Active SSS participants who meet all of the eligibility criteria for participation, and who receive a federal Pell grant, may be eligible to receive a College Completion Grant Initiative, (CCGI), grant thru the SSS program. These funds are earmarked specifically for SSS participants by the United States Department of Education.  The CCGI is provided by the Office of TRIO Programs through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to support the educational pursuits of SSS participants at Morehouse College. This application is for the fall, spring, and summer semesters of the 2007 – 2008 school years and can be submitted at any time during the school year. However, this application must be submitted by the date listed below (see Dates to remember) for you to receive full consideration for the indicated semesters. SSS Grant Aid Awards typically range from $300 to $2000 per school year.  


You must be a freshman or sophomore;
And you must be an active participant in the Student Support Services project;
And you must be receiving a federal Pell Grant;
And you must have unmet need;
And you must be in good academic standing;
And you must meet the federal income guidelines.

Although Morehouse College offers counseling services through the Counseling Resource Center, students from non-traditional backgrounds (whether low-income, first-generation, or disabled) may be in need of a strong counseling program to assist them as they transition from high school to college thru to graduation. The Morehouse College SSS program is designed to meet the student at his point of need and assist him in developing productive habits that will benefit him throughout his matriculation. We take pride in the fact that we are the most effective retention program at Morehouse College with a consistent graduation rate of above 85% per four year cohort. Our seasoned staff of TRIO professionals collectively has over 100 years of experience in higher education and service to students from under-represented populations.  When it comes to academic advisement and the related needs of our students we operate from a very simple philosophy, “we don’t do problems, we find solutions.”  When a student gets accepted to Morehouse College we do whatever it takes to ensure that he will graduate from Morehouse in a timely fashion. Period.

The Student Support Services Program provides a structured tutoring program for all participants who need this service. Tutoring is offered in group or individual settings, on an as-needed basis during both the fall and spring semesters. Tutorial subject areas include, but are not limited to mathematics, biology, english, chemistry, psychology, physics, accounting, and statistics. Our tutors are selected based on their academic abilities in the particular subject area. All of our tutors must be a 3.0 gpa and the subject they are tutoring must be their major course of study.
What can you expect in a tutoring session?
Tutoring sessions provide more learning opportunities for the student who arrives prepared for the session. The tutor will do his or her best to explain the material that you have questions on, but the more prepared you are to ask questions the better the tutor will be able to address them. Keep these points in mind when preparing for your tutoring session.

Read the material. It is not the tutor's responsibility to lecture on material you have not read, it is their responsibility to help you gain an understanding of the material that you have read.
Try to work assigned problems prior to the session. You will learn to solve problems quicker if you have tried to work them out prior to the tutoring session. This allows you the opportunity to ask questions about errors you may have made.
Bring notes and handouts from class, as well as your book, to the tutoring session. A variety of materials means a variety of avenues to explore to best understand the material.
Tutors do not do your homework. Tutors will work sample problems, review problems that you have worked, solve problems with you, discuss notes and lecture material, help formulate ideas for papers and assignments, and review for exams, but they will not do your homework for you.
Be prompt for your tutoring session, and expect the same from your tutor.
Be courteous during your tutoring session, and expect the same from your tutor.
Work in an environment that is comfortable for both you and the tutor. Use the assigned tutoring rooms if at all possible. If these locations do not work, be sure that the location for the session is approved by the Project Director for the Student Support Services Project.
Attend class. Students who are not regularly attending class are not eligible to receive tutoring. The tutoring sessions are to enhance the information you receive through attending class, not replace it.
If you are not able to attend a scheduled tutoring session, contact the Student Support Services Office at least 24 hours prior to the appointment if at all possible.

Throughout the academic year The Student Support Services Program provides exposure to cultural and enrichment events that are not usually available to program participants. Students will be exposed to all cultural functions within the Atlanta University Center. In addition, tickets to plays and other enrichment activities will be offered to all students.

Opportunities through the Student Support Services Project
The Student Support Services Project provides employment opportunities for students as tutors. Interested students with a strong commitment for helping others, good interpersonal and communication skills, and at least a 3.0 GPA are encouraged to complete a tutor application. Demand for tutors is dependent upon the number of students requesting tutoring per semester as well as demand in the tutor's subject areas.

Tutoring hours are flexible. Pay is determined by degree status of the tutor (completing Bachelors, Masters, or PhD) and completion of tutor training opportunities.

Contact the Student Support Services Project Office for further information or an application form.

Student Support Services, Gloster Hall Annex 404-215-2671.

Application Deadlines:
08/15/2009 – Date application is due to receive full consideration for fall, spring, and summer 2010 sessions.