Trio Programs

Recruitment Process

All students who attend Morehouse College are informed of the SSS program at the beginning of each semester and therefore, have the opportunity to become participants. Those who express interest, complete the form, and appear to be eligible for participation are invited for an intake interview during which the counselor determines the level of sustainable interest. The counselor also takes the opportunity to explain the program and its services to the student, find out more about the student's needs, and explains any part of the application that needs clarification.

If the counselor determines that the student will need continued support, the student is asked to provide a class schedule, and sign a Contract / Release form.

The application form further makes it possible for the SSS staff to evaluate the applicant's eligibility since it supplies information regarding citizenship or resident status, financial information, special needs status or information relative to first generation college student status. We also request on this application form such information as ethnic background, date of birth, as well as details that are needed for annual reporting purposes. Other entries of the form such as personal information, address and phone number make our outreach to students possible at a later date.

The Needs Assessment form also completed during the initial interview gives the applicant the opportunity to indicate to SSS what his self-identified needs are and what types of services that SSS provides that would be of interest to him.

The Contract / Release form gives the student the opportunity to take on responsibility for active participation in the Program and authorizes the SSS staff to seek academic and financial aid information that the program staff needs during individual student advisement.