Department of Sociology


I.    Sociological Foundations
These courses include basic concepts, ideas and empirical generalizations that explain society. They do not assume prior knowledge of sociology.

Required Core (9 hours)
SOC 101                           Introduction to Sociology

And 3 hours from:

SOC 102                           Cultural Anthropology
SOC 103                           Social Problems
SOC 156                           Men in Society

SOC 294                           Principles of Sociology

Sequence I  electives (3 hours)
SOC 215                           Criminology
SOC 255                           The Family
SOC 259                           Women in Society

II.    Tools and Intermediate Applications
These courses do not assume prior exposure to social research methods or social theory.

Required Core (9 Hours)
SOC 301                           Statistics
SOC 302                           Social Research Methods
SOC 307                           History of Social Thought

Sequence II Electives (3 Hours)
SOC 322                           Social Inequality
SOC 331                           Working a Changing Society
SOC 340                           Medical Sociology
SOC 341                           The Life Cycle and Aging
SOC 356                           Demography, Ecology and the Environment

III.    Advanced Applications

These courses assume a background in social theory and social research methods and are designed for students with majors or minors in sociology or related social science and humanities disciplines.

Required Core (3 Hours)
SOC 403                           Survey Research and Data Analysis

SOC 407                           Contemporary Sociological Theory

Sequence 111 Electives (3 Hours)
SOC 414                           Political Sociology
SOC 416                           Law and Society
SOC 422                           Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 455                          The African American Family

IV.     Integrative Course

The senior seminar is intended to promote the synthesis of the various elements of the discipline as an approach to inquiry and to life. It is a capstone for the major.

Required Core (3 hours)
SOC 495                           Seminar in Sociology