Department of Political Science

Degree Requirements

To graduate with a major in Political Science, a student must complete 52 course hours distributed as follows with no grade below C.

Core Curriculum 21 Hours
PSC 228 Comparative Politics
PSC 251 National Government of the United States
PSC 253 Scope & Methods in Political Science
PSC 285 Introduction to International Relations
PSC 294 Introduction to Political Theory  
PSC 348 American Constitutional Law
PSC 497 Senior Seminar in Political Science

Cognate Courses 6 Hours
ECO 201 Macro-Economics  
ECO 202 Micro-Economics

Special Skills Requirement 3 Hours

Oral Communication Effectiveness (Select one course: COM 350,COM 351,COM 352,COM 353,COM 354,COM 355)

Political Science Electives 12 Hours*
Each student is required to choose four upper level courses. These courses can come from any subject area: American Government and Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory.  Only ONE of these four courses can be taken outside of the department -- whether through cross-registration, study abroad, or transfer. Directed Study and internships do NOT count as one of these courses. PSC 353 Introduction to Moot Court DOES count as one of these courses. PSC 354 Moot Court Skills Practicum does NOT count as one of these courses.

*This requirement replaces two older requirements -- taking three track courses AND taking ENG 265: Advanced Composition. The track requirement is abolished for all students. If you have taken ENG 265 prior to Fall 2016, then we will substitute that for one of your four upper level electives. Starting with the Fall 2016 semester, ENG 265 will no longer fulfill any requirements for the political science major.

American Government and Politics
PSC 321 The American Presidency
PSC 322 The American Congress
PSC 350 Race and Law  
PSC 371 Introduction to Public Management 
PSC/UST 372 Urban Management and Policy Analysis 
PSC 410 Political Parties, Elections and Interest Groups
PSC/UST 411 Financial Management in Local Government 
PSC 429 Seminar in Policy and Urban Politics
PSC 460 Black Politics 

Comparative Politics
PSC 302 Third World Politics
PSC 475 Latin American Politics
PSC 476 Political Anthropology
PSC 477 Contemporary African Politics
PSC 486 Political Ideologies

International Relations
PSC 385 Theories of International Relations
PSC 468 Seminar on International Security after the Cold War
PSC 479 Comparative Foreign Policy
PSC 482 International Ethics
PSC 484 International Law
PSC 487 International Organizations
PSC 488 International Political Economy
PSC 489 Problems of International Politics
PSC 490 Conflict and Conflict Resolution
PSC 491 Diplomacy

Political Theory
PSC 361 Ethics and Public Policy
PSC 461 History of Political Thought
PSC 462 Modern Political Theory
PSC 463 Contemporary Theories of Justice
PSC 464 Black Political Thought
PSC 482 International Ethics
PSC 486 Political Ideologies

Free Electives 10 Hours
Majors may choose their free electives from any discipline or disciplines.  Internships can be used to fulfill this requirement.

Degree Requirements for the Minor
Students electing to take a minor in Political Science must complete eighteen hours in the discipline with no grade less than C.  The following courses constitute the minor:

PSC 228 Comparative Politics 3 Hours
PSC 251 National Government of the United States 3 Hours
PSC 253 Scope & Methods in Political Science 3 Hours
PSC 285 Introduction to International Relations 3 Hours
PSC 294 Introduction to Political Theory 3 Hours
One elective course in Political Science 3 Hours