Lab Policy

Requesting Audio/Visual Services

Requests for audio/visual equipment must be made in writing on an Equipment Request Form, which can be obtained from the Audio/Visual Center or from the Administrative Assistant in the Modern Foreign Language Department. Forms be completed, signed and turned in at least 24 hours in advance. Telephone calls are not accepted for requests.

Requests for the viewing room and equipment are granted on a first-come first-served basis. The lab director must have advance notification for requests. However, preference will be given to professors with classes in other buildings as most of the classes in Brawley Hall have TV/VCRs mounted in them. For the classes in Brawley that do not have TV/VCRs mounted in them, professors can easily request a portable TV/VCR when needed.

Persons signing for the equipment must assume total responsibility for the proper operation and safe return of the items to the Audio/Visual Center. They must also assume responsibility for the repair and/or replacement of damage or lost goods.

Persons who damage equipment in their care will be asked to receive special training from the Lab Director before any future requests are granted

Equipment cannot be taken off campus for any reason. There are no exceptions!

Overnight Use. If equipment has to be kept overnight, the person requesting it must first check with Campus Security to ensure that they will be responsible for keeping the equipment overnight.

Equipment must be picked up from the Audio/Visual Center by the person requesting the equipment, as the center does not have available staff to deliver and retrieve equipment.

The Physical Plant may deliver and retrieve equipment upon request; however, arrangements must be made prior to the day the equipment is required. The requester is responsible for making the arrangements.

Students are not allowed to request equipment. Morehouse faculty and staff are responsible for any student use of equipment and services.