Morehouse in Oaxaca Photos

The accompanying photos are from the 2006 Morehouse in Oaxaca summer study abroad program in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico.  The two Morehouse College professors directing the program are Dr. Lee Gallo and Dr. Pat Pogal.  Dr. Gallo established the program in Mexico in 1985 and this was her last year to accompany the group.  Dr. Pogal is now the primary campus contact for information about Morehouse’s summer studies in Mexico and leads a student group to a new site, Guanajuato, in the summer of 2007. 

Morehouse and Spelman college students participate in the five-week, language-based program based at the State University of Oaxaca.  Students are housed individually with local families.  At mid-point in the program the group travels to the coast of the state of Oaxaca, near the adjoining state of  Guerrero, where they spend nearly a week visiting and learning about the remote villages of  Afro-Mexicans who populate the area known as the Pueblos Negros (the Black Villages). 

The photos begin during the mid-point of the program, when the group visits the villages.  Doctors Gallo and Pogal appear with the mayor of Huehuetan, Guerrero, photo 1, where Morehouse and Spelman students are entertained by local students and dancers in the village gymnasium, photos 2-5.  In photo 6, students are in the home of the program liaison with the villages, Father Glyn Jemmott, where they honor the family of a local student, Alfredo Castro Vargas.  Sr. Castro  was awarded a Morehouse College scholarship when Registrar Sterling Hudson visited the villages in the winter of 2004-2005; unfortunately, he died in an automobile accident the summer before his studies were to begin.  Off the coasts of Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel, students visit the village of El Corralero and nearby islands by boat, photos 7 through 11.   

Back in the capital city of Oaxaca, the major cathedral of Santo Domingo houses an extensive museum of  ruins from the nearby Zapotec Indian tombs and pyramids of Monte Alban , and also a large botanical garden, photos 12 through 15.  The photos, 16-25, are  taken at the program’s farewell party, this year in the home of the on-site coordinator, Sra. Isabel Castro.  The ending photos 26 and 27  feature Morehouse and Spelman students at the site of  the last remaining typical African hut, or “redonda” (meaning round), that used to be commonplace in  the Afro-Mexican villages along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca.  There is even a shot to show the interior construction of the hut.  And finally, photo 28, is of a parade in Oaxaca city which features native costumes and flowers.  

The 2006 Morehouse and Spelman student participants who appear in the photos are as follows:
Efosa Aghedo, Eric Baylor, Chad Borden, Rebecca Burke, William Burke, Lisa Corbett, Eric Finley, Marshall Gillson, Robert Hanks, Jeremy House, Jermaine House, Gregory Keel, Tameka Little, John Mitchell, Drew Pearman, Paul Roberson, and John Walker.