Morehouse in Oaxaca

Co-Director: Dr. Lee Gallo
Office: Brawley Hall, Room 226
Phone: (404) 681-2800 x2228

Co-Director: Dr. Patricia Pogal
Office: Brawley Hall, Room 228
Phone: (404) 681-2800 x2225

Morehouse in Oaxaca (pronounced wa-ha-ca), a summer study abroad program, originated on the Morehouse College campus and is now co-sponsored by Morehouse and Spelman College.

Student participants travel to Oaxaca City, one of Mexico's most charming colonial cities, for a four-week immersion in Spanish language and culture. At the program midpoint, they travel overnight to the Pacific coast, where they spend one week visiting remote Afro-Mexican villages and the resort beach of Puerto Escondido.
Started in 1985, the Oaxaca program has three main objectives:

  • Provide an intense foreign-language learning environment at a major Mexican state university.
  • Offer firsthand cultural exposure to Mexican family life through single-student residency in local homes.
  • Introduce students to the little-known Afro-Mexican branch of the African Diaspora, offering them a brief community-service opportunity in these remote coastal villages.

The Oaxaca program lasts for about five weeks (May 6 - June 10 in 2006) following the final exam period of spring semester. A total of about 20 Morehouse and Spelman students usually participate.

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