Department of Modern Foreign Languages

Chair: Michael F. Dillon, Ph.D.

Director Language Lab and Audio/Center: Merchell Belinfanti
Administrative Assistant: Francine Earl-Wright

Departmental Office:
306 Brawley Hall
Telephone: (404) 215-2605
FAX: (404) 215-3481

About the Department
The Department of Modern Foreign Languages currently offers major and minor concentrations in French, and Spanish. In addition, German is offered. The faculty of the Department represents an extensive range of interests and is committed to a high level of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

Consistent with the mission of Morehouse College, the Department recognizes the need for language proficiency in today's changing world. We are dedicated to providing instruction, activities, counseling and guidance, which enhance the humanities disciplines. We endeavor to prepare students for the many challenges which they will encounter as they enter professional life. Every effort is made to teach students to think clearly and critically, to make logical and ethical judgments, and to communicate effectively with others through cultural and international awareness at all levels of instruction. The range of options offered by the Department reflects a diversity of purpose and attempts to satisfy a variety of interests not only for students who plan to pursue the study of language and literature but also for those in other disciplines.

Why Study a Foreign Language
Morehouse College is aware of the changing world scene which makes proficiency in a modern foreign language essential to students as they prepare themselves to enter the mainstream of professional life. Graduates with a sound background in a language other than their own are increasingly in demand by the private business sector, government organizations, the scientific community and foreign countries seeking technical assistance. Studying a foreign language will help our students to gain a better perspective about the social, political and cultural aspects of other parts of the world.