Department of History


Goals and objectives

The aims, goals and objectives of the Department of History are determined by the general mission and objectives of Morehouse College. Our primary purpose at Morehouse is to develop men who will aspire to be leaders in both the general society and the African-American community.

The College’s emphasis on character development is aided especially by courses such as Great Men and Women of America (HIS 461) while our History of the United States (HIS 215-216), History of African-Americans (HIS 221-222), History of the Ancient World (HIS and World History: Topical Approaches (HIS 111-112) courses provide students a broad background upon which to build knowledge from other disciplines.

In addition to providing a program of instruction, counseling and extracurricular activities that will help students to better understand the world in which they live, how it works and the dynamics of social change, the department also prepares students for graduate study and law school and for careers in history, historical preservation, government, the ministry, business and teaching.

At the time of graduation, students will meet the following learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of historical methods, critical analysis, and historiographical debates
    2. Explain historical change by looking at global forces and cross-cultural encounters
    3. Demonstrate core knowledge of historical biography, chronology, and geography
    4. Write and speak clearly
    5. Demonstrate knowledge of the experience of African Americans and the African Diaspora

Message from the Chair

Many students ask, "What can I do with a degree in history?" The answer to that question is that the study of history can open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities. A U.S. Attorney General, a Supreme Court Justice, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, university presidents, and people in a diverse set of professions have majored in history. In this vein, the Morehouse College History Department has a strong track record of training students who have become distinguished in a number of fields, from academia to the world of business. The knowledge and intellectual skills that students gain in our department have broad application and can provide keys to a variety of career options.

Our program is designed for students to reach five broad goals. Students develop a broad base of knowledge of world history that enables them to see people in a variety of historical contexts. Our courses also challenge students to acquire particular knowledge about the history of black people. In addition, students hone their skills in analysis and argumentation through the study of primary sources and debates between historians. Furthermore, our program of study pushes students to refine their written and verbal communication skills. And in co-curricular activities like the Morehouse History Club, students develop leadership skills. Our dedicated faculty is committed to creating a learning environment where student can reach these goals and be empowered to reach even higher aims in their chosen field of professional development.