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David B. Cooke III

David Cooke Professor and Chair of Biology


David B. Cooke III is professor and chair of the Department of Biology at Morehouse College.  He received his undergraduate training from North Carolina Central University as well as the master’s degree in the area of biology.  His first teaching experience was in 1973 at St. Augustine College in Raleigh, North Carolina.  For three years he taught comparative anatomy, general zoology, histology and physiology.  Following this defining experience, he became a doctoral student at Howard University, College of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Biophysics.  His dissertation research focus was on citric acid cycle metabolism in the rat ventral prostate.  Upon completion of the Ph.D. (endocrinology and cellular metabolism) he became a post-doctoral fellow at the Lineberger Cancer Research Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His research activities investigated the role of oncogenes associated with tumor progression in prostate cancer.  During his four year stint at UNC, he tutored medical students in physiology.  In 1987, he joined the Department of Biology at Morehouse College.

His research activities continued to focus on the metastatic phenomenona in prostate cancer.  In particular, these studies investigated the role of specific therapeutics in stopping tumor progression.  During the 15 years the cancer laboratory was operational, many undergraduates as well as several graduate students received training in this environment.

In addition to lecturing in the course “Principles of Physiology”, he has served as chairman of the curriculum and educational policy committee as well as chairing the College’s judicial committee.  Currently he serves as Program Director of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Science Education Program (2008 – 2012).  This program supports interdisciplinary student research opportunities in addition to faculty collaborations.  When not involved in activities associated with the Morehouse community, he spends time listening to jazz, playing pool, flying radio controlled helicopters and photography.