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Faculty Highlights

Abdelkrim Brania

Belinda White Associate Professor of Mathematics


Dr. Brania was born and raised in Algeria, North Africa where he earned a five-year engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Polytechnique School of Algiers. He came to the U.S. where he completed an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and later a Ph.D. in pure Mathematics from Emory University.

Dr. Brania joined the Morehouse College Mathematics Department as an instructor in the fall of 1984 and currently serves as Associate Professor of mathematics. Over the years he taught students in eighteen of the thirty-two courses in the mathematics curriculum and mentored many other students in the areas of Physics, Engineering, Material Science, and Mathematics. In addition, he has been an ardent supporter of the Honors Program for which he has taught Honors Core courses in Mathematics for over eighteen years and which he continues to be an active contributor in the Honors Club programs.   

Dr. Brania’s main research interests are the area of Geometric Function Theory where he studies various properties of quasi-conformal mappings and of related domains. But he also works in the area of Applied Mathematics including problems in Random Polynomials, Fractional Differential Equations, and Fuzzy Sets and Systems. His other scholarly activities delve into curriculum research and development to facilitate the support and implementation of Peer Led Team Learning in Calculus and College Algebra, the creation of Material Science modules suitable for course and lab work, and the redesign of a mathematics course that incorporates Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) materials.

Dr. Brania’s service to the College includes numerous active memberships in Departmental, Division, and College wide committees. While serving on the Faculty Council and Welfare committees, he was involved in drafting several initiatives concerning faculty vitality and grievance issues. He is currently the Morehouse College coordinator of the GA LSAMP program which aims to support students majoring in STEM fields to receive research training experiences and to pursue graduate studies in those fields.  

Dr. Brania’s proudest contributions are to the hundreds of former students who completed their degrees at Morehouse, especially those who pursued advanced studies and obtained high degrees in medical, dental, biological, legal, mathematical and physical science and engineering.