First Year Students

Student Name: Christopher Spears "2011"
Currently: Dental School at University of Southern California
Student Name: Derwin Gray "2011"
Currently: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Student Name: Joshua Jones "2011"
Currently: Graduate School at Duke University
Student Name: Nicholas Speller "2011"
Currently: Graduate School at Louisiana State University
Student Name: Nii Dodoo "2012"

Second Year Students

Student Name: Dequan Carreker "2012"
Currently: Teaching Science at Success Academy Charter School in Harlem, New York
Student Name: Edward Washington "2011"
Currently: Medical School at Morehouse School of Medicine
Student Name: Theodur Uzamere "2013"
Currently: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Student Name: Ricardo Dunmoodie "2013"

Third Year Students

Student Name: Lonnie Sullivan "2013"
Currently: Medical School at Duke University
Student Name: Adewale Adekoya "2013"
Currently: Post Baccalaureate Program at Georgia State University
Student Name: Peter Kioko "2013"
Currently: St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Student Name: Chidiadi Wamuo "2013"
Student Name: Ja-Mes Watson "2013"
Currently: Georgia Institute of Technology

Fourth Year Students

Student Name: Elijah Martin "2013"
Currently: Graduate School at University of California, San Francisco