Student Success

College Scheduler: Four Year Planning

Year 1: 0-29 hrs            Year 2: 30-59 hrs             Year 3: 60-89 hrs                 Year 4: 90+ hrs

Freshman➩                           Sophomore➩                             Junior➩                                          Senior

You got accepted to Morehouse – You need 120 hours to graduate – How do you do it in 4 years? 

It is recommended that every student build a four-year plan that maps out all standard curriculum, major and minor requirements. Below are some key points to get it done in 4 years:

  • Collaborate with your academic advisor to develop a plan and meet regularly with the advisor to monitor your progress. Always discuss the impact of changing majors, withdrawing from a course, and repeating courses prior to submitting official paperwork.
  • Take 15 credit hours each semester and maintain a 2.0+ G.P.A. to ensure a change in class standing each year. Moreover, if feasible given your academic profile, talk to your faculty advisor about taking 18 credit hours because the tuition fee is the same as taking 12 or 15 credit hours and you could graduate in 3.5 years and save.
  • Second-semester sophomores and juniors are required to meet with the Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support ( if they have not yet declared a major.
  • Do not procrastinate in getting advised and registered for classes for the upcoming semester. Beginning Spring 2017 with College Scheduler, you can easily select preferred classes, block off breaks or life conflicts, and the schedule planner surfaces the best possible schedules for immediate registration. For more information: Click here
  • Enjoy Crown Forum and attend more than the required number of sessions.
  • Work for success so that you can gain and integrate knowledge as you persist through your degree program.
  • Stay engaged. History shows that the more you feel a part of the Morehouse community, the better you can do academically. Expect and demand excellence from yourself and others.
  • Don't abandon your course! A grade of "F" is recorded for a course abandoned without an official withdrawal.
  • Fulfill all obligations to remove an 'I" for incomplete work prior to the deadline. Failure to do so results in a grade change that could negatively impact your academic progess.
  • Before you drop or withdraw from a course, talk with your instructor, academic advisor, and/or a representative of the Office of Financial Aid. Consider that a change or reduction in courses load may impact your:
  1. scholarship; if the guidelines for receiving the scholarship require full-time student enrollment and your actions result in taking fewer than 12 credit hours.
  2. federal student aid. In other words, you have to make good enough grades, and complete enough classes (credits, hours, etc.), to keep moving toward successfully completing your degree.
  3. athletic eligibility. If you are a student-athlete, you must see the Athletic Academic Advisement and Skills Enhancement Specialist first, to obtain permission, before taking a signed form to your academic advisor.
  4. automobile or health insurance; if you receive discounts for being a full-time student.
  5. visa; if you are an international student.
  6. future plans. Multiple "Ws" on your transcript can send the wrong message to prospective employers or graduate schools.
  7. ability to graduate in 4 years. See your academic advisor on a regular basis to avoid surprises on your graduation audit.