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Dr. Stephane Dunn

Stephanie Dunn

Stephane Dunn
Assistant Professor of English


Stephane Dunn specializes in film, African American cultural studies, and literature. She is a playwright and teaches writing and literature. Her research interests include issues of race, gender, and sexuality in classical Hollywood cinema, contemporary film, and black cinema, Hip Hop culture, modernist literature, and contemporary American, African American, and African literature.

Ph.D. English, University of Notre Dame

M.F.A, Creative Writing, University of Notre Dame

M.A., English, University of Notre Dame

B.A., University of Evansville

Areas of Expertise
Black cultural studies, film, gender, race, literature.

Selected Publications
"The New Black Cultural Studies" in Fire!!! Multimedia Journal of Black Studies (2012)

"Fat, Sass, & Laughs: Big Mama in Drag" in Communicating Marginalized Masculinities (Routledge, forthcoming 2012)

Baad "Bitches" & Sassy Supermamas: Black Action Films. (University of Illinois Press, June 2008).

"Hustle & Flow: Note for a 'Round the Way Girl.'" Bright Lights Film Journal #55. 2007.

"Aftermath: A Book Title and the 'Bad' Word Dilemma." The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar. 14, 2008. Appears in Best African American Essays (Random House 2009)

"When Mega Churchin' Fails",, Sept. 2010

"In Praise of Supermamas." Ms. magazine, Summer 2008

"Foxy Brown on My Mind." In Disco Divas: Women and 1970s Popular Culture. Ed. Sherrie Inness. Pennsylvania: U of Pennsylvania P, 2003.

"'I thought there was no 'real sex' left': D.H. Lawrence and a Vision of Black Female Sexuality." Like a Black and White Kaleidoscope Tossed at Random: Essays on D.H Lawrence's Women in Love. Eds. Jean-Paul Pichardie and Phillipe Romanski. Paris : Université de Rouen, 2001. 59-71.

"Phallic Fantasies: Quentin Tarantino's Baadassss Yearnings." "Blaxploitation Film Movement of the 1970's. " Screening Noir (fall 2005)

“Truth Chappelle Style.”

“Blurry Lines: Truth, Fiction & The Last King of Scotland.”
Nov. 2006.

“Hustle & Flow: Note for a ‘Round the Way Girl.’”  Bright Lights Film Journal #55.  2007.

“Aftermath: A Book Title and the ‘Bad’ Word Dilemma.”  The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar. 14, 2008.

Gland. A play. Stagedreading, SouthwestArtsCenter, August18, 2007.

The Box. A play. 2006 Eugene O’Neill Playwright Conference semi-finalist.

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Phone: (404) 572-3605