Department of English

Dr. Felicia R. Stewart

Felicia Stewart

Associate Professor of Communication


Felicia Stewart currently teaches courses in Speech Communication and Communication Law.  Her research interests include African American communication and rhetoric and effective courtroom communication.  She serves as coordinator of the communication program in the Department of English and chairs the committee on the Otis Moss, Jr. Oratorical Contest for Morehouse students.

Ph.D. in Human Communication Studies, Howard University

J.D, Emory University School of Law

B.A. in Legal Communications, Howard University

Selected Publications
Changing the Atmos’fear’ in the Public Speaking Classroom, International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1 (7), June 2011. (co-authored with Dr. Keisha Tassie, Morehouse College).

Exploring Afrocentricity: An Analysis of the Rhetoric of President Barack Obama. Journal of African American Studies. Online First, February 7, 2011.

I Went to President Obama’s Inauguration, but I Couldn’t Tell Anybody but God: Self Monitoring Among People of African Descent, Journal of African American Studies, 14 (3), September 2010. (co-authored with Dr. Deric Greene, Stevenson University)

Book Chapter, "An Afrocentric Rhetorical Analysis of Johnnie Cochran's Closing Argument in the O.J. Simpson Trial", Understanding African American Rhetoric: Classic Origins to Contemporary Innovations, Ronald L. Jackson & Elaine B. Richardson, ed. (2003), Routledge.

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