Department of English

Dr. Cindy Lutenbacher

Associate Professor of English


Cindy Lutenbacher teaches Composition, Poetry Workshop, and African U.S.ian Drama. Her research and writing foci include pedagogy for writing, public education, bilingual education, and ending racism.  Advisor to the student organization Safe Space, Lutenbacher works toward the goal of community unity.

Ph.D. in Theatre, Northwestern University

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Washington University, St. Louis

M.A. in Applied Linguistics, Georgia State University

B.A. in Psychology, minor in English, Vanderbilt University

Selected Publications
“In the Swamp.”  Two in Twenty. Ed. Kevin Jennings.  Los Angeles: Alyson
Books, 2005.

"Teaching Introduction to Theatre: Community as Pedagogy, Politics, and Text." 
Perspectives on Teaching Theatre.  Ed. Raynette Smith, Bruce
McConachie, and Rhonda Blair.  New York: Peter Lang, 2001: 185-197.

"So Much More Than Just Myself."  Themes in Drama, v. 11: Women in Theatre. 
Ed. James Redmond.  Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press,
1989: 253-263.

"So Much More Than Just Myself: Women Theatre Artists in the South."  Women
in American Theatre. Ed. Helen Krich Chinoy and Linda Jenkins.  New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1987: 380-382.

 “A Cross-Cultural Study of Mexico and the United States: Perceived Roles of
Teachers.” Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 22.6
(2001): 463-474.

 “Voices of Teachers and Students from Mexico and the United States.” 
MEXTESOL 24.2 (2000): 13-35.

“Alternate ROOTS: 'Sixth Theatre' Groups Band Together to Promote
Community-Based Art."  Southern Theatre 25.5 (1989): 14-19.

"Theatre X's A History of Sexuality.Theatre.20.2 (Yale University. Spring/Summer, 1989): 85-90.

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