Department of English

Dr. Corrie Claiborne

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. in American and African American Literature, The Ohio State University

M.A. in English, The University of South Carolina

B.A. in English, Syracuse University

Areas of Expertise
American Literature; American Studies; Postmodern Theory; African-American Literature; Film Theory; Gender Studies; Hip-Hop and Black Popular Culture; Cultural Studies

Selected Publications
"That Thing In Between: Parsing Race in the Autobiographies of Danzy Senna and Barack Obama." North Carolina Central University Journal of Humanities (Fall 2009).

"Blacknuss: What It is, What It Isn't." Online Journal (October 2009)

What I Learned From White Girls: Black Female Identity, Autobiography, and Culture (Book Manuscript) Forthcoming.

"The Bride Price." Sometimes Rhythm, Sometimes Blues: Young African-Americans on Sex, Love, and The Search for Mr. Right. Ed. Taigi Smith. New York: Seal Press, 2003.150-159.

Leaving Abjection: Where ŒBlack‚ Meets Theory.‰ Modern Language Studies. 26.4 (Fall 1996): 27-36.

Brawley Hall, Room 103 H
ext. 3611